4.3” vs. 5” Junction View


Hi Guys,

I just bought a 3790LMT (4.3” 800 x 480 pixels) and I find the screen to be very clear and sharp. I notice when the GPS goes into split screen before exiting, I find it a little difficult to read the Exit Signs.

Now I’m considering retuning the unit and buying the 2595LMT (5” 480 x 272 pixels).

So my question is will Exit/Junction Signs be easier to read on a 5” screen?

Thanks in advance.

4.3” vs. 5” Junction View

It seems to be a little bit lager but not much. I wear bi-focal glasses and I have a 3790LMT and bought a 3590LMT, I didn't see much improvement.

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2595 is a little larger but only has about 1/3 as many pixels

It wouldn't be clearer because the 2595 is a little larger but only has about 1/3 of the pixel resolution that is on the 3790LMT so it will not be as clear and sharp as the 3790.

I'm retired and the eyes are not as good as they used to be and I have the 3790LMT and it is the easiest to read detail on of any Garmin I have owned.

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JCV file

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I believe your split-screen 3790LMT can use the full-screen photorealistic JCV file, so this is another option for you that will cost nothing; i.e., keep the 3790 and replace its default split-screen JCV file with the full-screen file:


Note that if you go this route, a manual large jcv file download and install will be needed for a revised jcv file with each map update--and that full-screen JVs display for about 5 seconds roughly 0.1 miles before the exit. Obviously, a full-screen JV display will be without the split-screen components (map and turn text) to be displayed.

But the image quality of the full-screen photrealistic view might be what you want.

Remember that if you keep the old file and end up not liking the full-screen JV display, you can always revert to the intended split-screen.

Also know that with a full-screen JV, if you want to see it again, just tap the upper green bar and you'll have the option to see the JV again--and if you want the roughly 5-sec JV display to go away early and revert to map with instructions, just tap the Back button when a JV is showing.

To see a full-screen JV, go here, then click the "More Images" button and look at the 4th image:


or look here for full-screen vs. split-screen images:


As always, please make a backup to a computer hard drive or recordable DVD of your entire nuvi before tinkering with files.

it does not have to be split screen

Do a search here, you will find a way to use full screen junction view on virtually all Garmin units.

Large JCV file on my 3790LMT

I downloaded the larger JCV file and installed it on a Micro SD card. Just added a letter in front and at the end of the smaller file from Garmin on the GPS.

In less than two days I reverted back to the smaller file because I was experiencing strange things using the 3790LMT.

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4.3” vs. 5” Junction View

Thank you all for your replies. It is much appreciated.

I actually prefer the split-screen junction view because I like seeing the map view at all times.

Do we have anymore 2595LMT, 2555LMT, or 50LM owners that can chime in and share their experiences with reading the Junction/Exit Signs?

Thanks again.

I have the nuvi 50

I have the nuvi 50 and find the junction view screens easy to read. I didn't have that function on either of my earlier units (200W or 255W) so I can't compare the two size screens as far as junction view goes. But all screens are much easier to read on the 5" display - the reason I went for the nuvi 50 - so I would think junction view would also be easier to read.

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