nuvi 24xx (GCD File) software version 3.10


nuvi 24xx (GCD File) software version 3.10
as of July 31, 2012

Changes made from version 2.80 to 3.10:

Improved Fleet Management Interface support.

Garmin Nuvi 2450

Great news, but does it fix these major software issues?

Seriously Garmin? Is that all they could come up with after at least 5 months since the last 24xx software update? This line is a feature rich line with numerous benefits but it still has a few major flaws. I have REPEATEDLY reported the following issues to Garmin and am disappointed that the 3.1 version of the software does not fix these issues in the Nuvi 2460LMT which are very annoying problems:

1. When making a “pit stop” by adding a waypoint, the unit will periodically “forget” the route when it shuts off and you get back in the car to continue, requiring the route and waypoints to be reprogrammed. It acts as if you never had a route planned in the first place. (Sporadic issue.)

2. The traffic light will not turn gray when the FM reception is lost regardless of the time or distance, contrary to what the manual states. (Persistent issue.)

3. The Traffic MyTrends feature leads to horrendously slow route calculations at times particularly when multiple back roads are involved. We’re talking 15-20 minutes at times even when the distance between two or more points is only 100 miles or so; not cross-country or something. (Frequency depends upon the nature of the route, distance, etc. Garmin says turn the NuRoute myTrends feature off but that's absurd. Would you buy a new car with the AC not working and the dealer says just don't use the AC? Nonsense.)

It also aggravates me that custom POI icons do not show up unless you are zoomed in at 100% which is a joke because at that point you are literally on top of the POI in the parking lot so you can see the sign. It would be nice if you could see POI icons 1/4 mile each direction for quick overview planning and reference. I guess that's by design and not a flaw though. The newer units have layers. Too bad this $300+ unit doesn't have that feature - would be nice!

Interesting issues. I too

Interesting issues. I too have some of these issues like slow calculations. I have cleared out the Archive folder, and performed the hard reset. Of course turning off the trends stuff does improve calculations, but I agree with your issues with doing this. I have turned them back on but still have problem with accepting my preferred route. It seems the updates I have applied have broken the nuroute because my 2460 refuses to accept my preferred route to work. My android phone works so much better than this...

This unit definitely has

This unit definitely has bugs and it would otherwise be a fantastic GPS device that even rivals the 3790 line if they could just get the software working the way it is supposed to!

Nuvi 24xx Software 3.2 Update At last!

IT'S ABOUT TIME - The Nuvi 24xx line finally has been updated to 3.2. Took long enough to fix these bugs! I haven't downloaded it yet but am hoping that they squashed the multitude of bugs with this latest release. My Nuvi 2460LMT had become quite problematic and slow over time.

nuvi 24xx (GCD File) software version 3.20