I'm baaaaaaaaaccckkk


grin Hello all! It's been a LOOONG time since I was last here. I can see my old account has faded away, and that's understandable. Been so long since I've been here that I don't even remember who was running this place. Boy I used to contribute a lot of effort into generating POI's, but now with the new GPS units, custom POI's are rapidly become less and less user friendly.

For years I used my Mio C310x on my boat because I could insert POI's anywhere, including in the water! Then I was able to include custom icons for my POI's, so I created icons for Islands, Shoals, Channel Markers, Buoy's, etc. Was friggin fantabulous! You could set that GPS up so that when you were within say 300 feet of a marker, the unit would start beeping and as you got closer the beeps got louder and faster. On a big ole boat like mine, on a big ole lake like I live on, having that was a terrific help. Cruising the lake at night was fun with a GPS like that.

Add to it, during the day I'd go map out paths to/from almost every restaurant, marina, gas store, bar, etc, on the lake so that at night, if we wanted to do dinner on the lake all we had to do was follow the pretty blue line on the GPS and it would take us right to the appropriate dock, no worries about running aground, hitting a pole, or running into an island!

Well, since I was here last, my life went into the toilet and for quite some time I was unemployed, lost my house, and almost lost my family. Now life is back on track and I'm actually loving life right now. So, I'm back, getting involved again in the GPS world. I've gone through three, yes that's right, 3 Garmins, all were just junk, each one froze up and I ended up returning two of the three. I'm stuck with the last one, Garmin stating that it was out of warranty so "it's my problem". So I'm staying far, far away from Garmin.

I've got two TomToms now, both with 5" screens and they are fabulous. Only problem I have with them is that they just aren't worth a darn on the water. They don't allow you to do trace-routes where you can have it draw a line where you've been. They also won't allow you to mark any area off of roads, so they suck on the boat. Guess I'll have to go spend all that extra money for a Marine GPS...when we lost our house, we moved to a new one and for some reason both of my Mio's, along with all of their accessories and mounting equipment, have gone missing. Most likely stolen during the move.

Anyway, I'm having fun, living on the lake, and enjoying life, and miss coming here!!!

Whomever is managing this site, please let me know where I can donate, if you have a paypal account!!!

Best regards to you all!

Robin Huggins
aka Chromenut

...if I only had a brain...

Nice to see you back

Hello Robin smile

Your old "Robinh" account is still on the site. Send me a note via the contact form if you'd like help getting getting back to it.


Welcome back and ...

Welcome back, Chromenut, nice to hear from you again. Can you do me a favor?
I'm the author and maintainer of the Gander Mountain POI. Earlier this year, GM announced that they're opening a new store in Morrisville. This is from their news release:
"The 52,000-square-foot store will be a part of Park West Village..." Can you poke around a get me the lat/long of where the store will be? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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