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We are planning a long weekend trip to Indianapolis on the weekend after July 4th (Thurs. - Sun.). Having never been there before I was wondering if anyone familiar with the city would have some good suggestions for things to do or places to eat.

We are staying at a Quality Inn at 7050 E. 21st St. I know we plan on taking our daughter to the Children's Museum and also checking out the Indy track (and car museum?). Aside from that, I would like to find some other fun things to see or do in the City

And, if you know of any good restaurants in the general area of where we are staying, that would be great. We like all types of food and also like to try new things (no chain restaurants please).


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Not familiar with the area

But I can recommend some places to eat, download the Triple D file and you will find six restaurants in Indianapolis that were featured in the show.

3 Sister's Cafe
6360 Guilford Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana 46220

Barking Dog Cafe
115 East 49th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Steer-In Restaurant
5130 E 10th St
Indianapolis, IN 46219

The Tamale Place
5242 Rockville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46224

Zest-Exciting Food Creations
1134 E 54th St unit H
Indianapolis, IN 46220

11 E Main St.
Mooresville, IN 46158

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