Oddball question regarding Google Maps


question I know this isn't directly related to POI's, but it is in a roundabout way. I've got one burning question and I'll explain it first...

I'm building a 4G/LTE network in the south. As Program Manager I keep a list of site status. I also produce POI lists for my guys' GPS units. Basically the same list is what I use to show the customer our site status on Google Maps. Easy to do, you create a spreadsheet with the site (POI) info, save as CSV, then convert to KML. Very similar to how I create my POI lists for GPS.

Now the columns in my CSV file are as follows: Lat, Long, Name, Address1, Address2, Zip, and Icon. The last one being where my question is leading.

On most GPS units, you have only a select list of icons you can use. On Google Maps/Earth, you have hundreds. Now in my icon column, for Google Earth all I do is place the file name of the icon, i.e. redtriangle.png. Sad thing is, my customer wants to see the site status on Google Maps, that way they can view from their mobile phones.

Here's a list of the Icons I'm using:

If you click on the icons above, just use your Back arrow to come back here.

So, in the icon column, per Google Maps, I should enter the entire path to the icons but that never works. Does anybody here use Google Maps and know anything about the icon column in the CSV/KML file???

...if I only had a brain...


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