routing based on height restriction


I have a garmin c330, I would say it is the low end product. Are there any other gps that would give me height restriction? for example it will allow me to pick the vichile im driving. I put bus in as Im driving a motor home and yet it put me on the blueridge park way and there were low tunnels.
are there better units out there?

Nuvi allows you to choose

Nuvi allows you to choose truck.

bus verses truck

Many GPS units allow for truck routing. It doesn't guarantee that there won't be any low underpasses, but from what I understand does use the national network for larger vehicles. I don't know what network the bus routing follows.

I had succesfully used both Quest and Nuvi with truck routing (as a test in my car) to keep me off parkways and the like.

Garmin Quest/Quest2/Nuvi660/Nuvi755T

OK my unit has the option

my unit has the option of truck.
will give that a try.


I have a motorhome and Im looking for something that would help me avoid tunnels that dont allow propane' Do you think programing it for truck would help?



I use my C330 on Truck setting, for everyday driving in my Van, I was going to change it to BUS for the RV Trip.
Now I guess I have to change it back to Truck.

Thanks for the info.