Business Loading Dock Locations (US)

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Last updated 01/30/2009

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Of interest to truck drivers.

This list are businesses I have been to and show the loading dock areas.

None of these locations have been taken from other sources. These are actual, on-site, been there, locations.

The address you are usually given may say Main St when the loading dock is actually on Plant St. This file will get you to the dock entrance.

Several locations are preceded with a / . These are locations which I forgot to mark when I was there, but are very close to the actual location. I will be updating these if I get back to them.
I have started to add contact phone numbers to the locations. This was started recently, so most will not have them. Again, they will be added as time goes on.

On names that are separated with a / (i.e. ABC Corp/Builtrite) the first name is the name you were given. The second name is the name on the building.

Some locations have comments like 24 hrs and parking. These locations load/unload 24 hrs a day and/or have truck parking on site. I've also started to add "no parking" to locations that have no truck parking on-site or nearby. I'm also putting "no parking" in locations that have truck parking, but, I feel are not safe areas to park in. (i.e. bars over windows, bad neighborhood, etc.).

Although I no longer go into Canada, I've left the locations that I have been to.

I welcome any comments or suggestions on this file. (18 Wheeler icon) (Semi Truck icon) (Fork Lift icon)

Be sure to rename either one: business locations.bmp

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12/17/2008 - I am going to start adding the following information to the files: Security; No Pets; No Docks Available; Scale on Site; Lumper Required; Load/Unload Early and CB Channel for shipping/receiving.

If this information gets to be too much for your gps to handle, let me know and I'll either cut back or stop entering the information.

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