Truck Stops Near Business Loading Dock Locations

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Last updated 02/04/2009

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These are truck stops that are located near the business loading dock locations. All have truck parking.

The dollar amount listed next to the truck stop name is what that truck stop charges for parking for 24 hours. Most waive the parking fee if you buy a minimum of 50 gallons of fuel (some require 75 or 100 gallons) or spend a certain amount in their store and/or restaurant. GET A RECEIPT! Without it, you'll be paying for the parking.

05/10/2008 - Future revised and added truck stops will have setup information for those who have DirectTV satellite service. They will have zip code, Elevation (EL) and Azimuth (AZ).
example: DTV 12345 EL 45 AZ 180

These will only be added, or revised, as I get back to the truck stops to ensure that the data is correct.

11/29/2008 - New feature! Track Me! Want see where I am or have been? Being a truck driver, I go to many interesting places. To see where I am, or have been, might give you ideas for new poi's. Try it!
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