BaseCamp 3.3.3 - May 10, 2012


BaseCamp 3.3.3 came out 5/10/2012.

Change History

Changes made from version 3.3.2 to 3.3.3:

Fixed an error when a new list folder was created while a balloon was visible on the map

Fixed an error when creating waypoints or tracks over 3rd party maps that are missing files

Fixed some errors when receiving from a device

Fixed an error when using BaseCamp with an iPhone connected

Fixed an issue with MTP devices with cards greater than 8 GB in size


Also, at least for me updating to City Navigator 2013.10 on May 11, one day after 3.3.3 came out, the map update when done to device and to computer does not update BaseCamp from 3.3.2 that was on the computer.

In past map updates when done to device and computer, I believe the map update would also update Mapsource if needed.

BaseCamp Updates MapInstall

BaseCamp 3.3.3 also updates MapInstall to 4.0. Garmin neglected to put that one in its changelog.

EDIT: I know this edit is very late, but the latest version of BaseCamp apparently no longer includes MapInstall in the installation. MapInstall must be downloaded separately, which really points out that BaseCamp is the new MapSource.

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Thanks for the info


For some reason, I still find MapSource more interesting. I have both installed on my computer (BaseCamp courtesy of a map update) but I find MapSource easier to navigate. It might just be that I have to spend some time with BaseCamp.

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KeenanMD wrote:

Thanks for the info

Same here. smile

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BaseCamp is just plain strange, to me anyway

Aardvark wrote:

For some reason, I still find MapSource more interesting. I have both installed on my computer (BaseCamp courtesy of a map update) but I find MapSource easier to navigate. It might just be that I have to spend some time with BaseCamp.

I would have to guess that the BaseCamp programmers and I think 180 degrees apart. I have had Basecamp installed for sometime but not accomplished a thing with it yet. I always end up back in MapSource or EPE because I want to get whatever I'm working on done. I couldn't ever do an address search with BaseCamp without help from either here or the Zumo forum. I'm not the only one that had that problem, I've read more than one post with people not figuring out how to search with BaseCamp. Operating the program is just not apparent the way EPE and MapSource are, you have to learn to think like the programmers to know what to do next ... and I don't.

I'll stick with MapSource and EPE for now.

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Me too !

Like I said in a previous post here on POI Factory I'm not the brightest lightbulb around and sometimes my elevator doesn't seem to go to the top floor but I haven't been able master Basecamp yet! I still rely on Mapsource !

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BaseCamp is a real step backwards by Garmin as far as I am concerned. Recently I had a route that I had taken on a return trip from Florida. I first started out and when I reached Ocala FL I decided to change course and head a different direction to get to I-95. I uploaded that route later into BaseCamp and saved it. A few weeks later I was planning another trip to Florida and regardless of what route I wanted BaseCamp wanted to route me through Ocala. I had to keep setting way points to go the route I wanted and even then BaseCamp would route me through Ocala. I spent a lot of time trying to get around that and finally gave up and went back to MapSource. In 10 minutes I had the entire route planned in MapSource that I had spent a couple of hours on playing with BaseCamp.

With MapSource when you start the program you have a clean slate to work with in your route planning but in BaseCamp it seems that the program is grabbing information of other routes that you may have on your computer.

I don't know what Garmin was thinking when they developed BaseCamp but user friendly was not part of the design requirement.

I just keep me a couple of

I just keep me a couple of way points in my favorites when I travel to FL. The GPS wants to take you through some of the small towns where the speed limit is 60 one minute and 45 the next. With the policeman just waiting if you don't slow down.

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