Digital Media Receivers - threat to GPS?


It seems to me that we have too many options right now. I like my 3 GPSs but some like to use their cell phones as a GPS. In my vehicles, I have CD players, radios, and MP3 playback though the Garmin or off my phone. It's nice to have lots of options but it seems like there is some unnecessary redundancy. Some cars have their own cell phone plan so they can make calls without using your cell phone. Many cars will link your cell phone to the car for calls but some have a separate line for emergency calls (like OnStar).

It seems like the "new thing" in car audio (with maybe some visual) are digital media receivers. The Sony was the first I heard of and Googled. It lets you place your phone inside the reciever and charges it while it is in there. You can also substitute a MP3 playback device for the cell phone. At least one other brand linked the docked phone's GPS capability to give you that displayed and audio through the car speakers.

Could this be the way things will go? I personally very rarely use the CD player and would be OK with it going away. The last time I used the one in my BMW the disc was stuck for a couple months. Linking a phone or other playback device makes sense to me. What do you think?


it's whatever

floats your boat. The choices we make are personal and my choices reflect my particular tastes and age bracket. While we may agree on some of our choices, there are a great many more we would never be aligned with.

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