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Now that we've mastered roundabouts, the powers that be are presenting us with the Diverging Diamond Interchange:



That takes up a lot of real estate.

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Diamond Designs..

You've got to be kidding me. What happens when someone who's never driven one before does so for the first time? It looks like nothing more than a accident waiting to happen.


I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!


Looks pretty wild. Whenever I see something crazy like this it is just a reminder that there is still LSD out there! laugh out loud

Unfortunately, where there is extremely busy traffic there is usually very little real estate.

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What the ....?

When I first looked at the arial view, I thought that it was a crazy idea.

After studying the layout for awhile - it makes sense for a number of reasons:

1. No big "Loops" that eat up landscape and use a lot of concrete.

2. No "Left turn arrows" at the traffic lights - this allows higher traffic volumes.

3. No accell/decel lanes under or over a bridge that are dangerous due to the traffic merging off in the same distance traffic is using to merge on.

Granted, when you've got plenty of acreage to build a very large Clover Leaf (and the money for the cost of the land and concrete), a Clover Leaf is a great design with no traffic lights required.

I thought that it would be confusing to a driver, but you can't see the concept from the ground and it's just like cross-streets from the road.

In an urban environment, where land is expensive and obtaining the "Right of Way" may generate legal battles - it's a good solution.

When I lived in Miami FL, there were no clover leafs, except where there were 2 limited access highways crossing. All the interchanges at city streets were straight on and off ramps and it was extremely easy to merge on or off I-95.

I think the Diverging Diamond interchange is a good idea, but not for all interchanges, although there is a way to elimanate the traffic lights if you want to.

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I like the concept. We have a few in Utah and they are alittle strange the firs time or two but work quite well.

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