Oh yea, Happy Friday the 13th!

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Port Dover Bike Rally

I bet there wasn't much of a crown at the Port Dover Bike Rally.

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Celebrated Friday the 13th with pizza and breadstickes. smile wink grin

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2597 Sometimes I wonder..."Why is that Frisbee getting bigger?"...and then, it hits me.

Made it through another..

Friday the 13th in one piece.

Better than when

Friday the 13th falls on a Wednesday...

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There Were A Few

bear007 wrote:

I bet there wasn't much of a crown at the Port Dover Bike Rally.

See these links.



Couldn't find how many attended, but at least there's two more this year, April and July.

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Unlucky for me :(

Just found out that I have fraudulent charges on my credit card posted on the 13th, trying to resolve. Complete nightmare.

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As mentioned earlier, there are 3 dates this year. Normally there are two but this year there are three and they are also 13 weeks part. My birthday is on the second installment of Friday the 13th this year.

April and July are the next two

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It's the luckiest day in the

It's the luckiest day in the year! wink


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I almost missed until at the

I almost missed until at the end of the day someone wished me a happy Friday the 13th. I didn't feel any unluckier than I normally do.

Friday The 13th

I won't even attempt to explain what my Friday the 13th was like. confused sad sad

Glad that day is past.

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Spent the day at Disneyland with family.

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Friday the 13th

It was just another day at the office and as luck would have it, we signed up a new account.

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