garmin nuvi 2555lmt sd card


what is the maximum size microSD card the 2555lmt takes?




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Thanks, is a class 4 ok or

Thanks, is a class 4 ok or do I need a class 10 if I have maps on it?


deppeler wrote:

Thanks, is a class 4 ok or do I need a class 10 if I have maps on it?

I go with Class 4 for almost everything: nuvis with SD-carded JCV files and my Arizona topo maps, my nook color and its alternate android gingerbread OS being run from the SD card, etc. I will confess to sticking with the SanDisk brand. At least they're pretty cheap on sale at Amazon, WallyWorld, and ever RadioShack.

SD card class.

I replaced the 2 GB Class 4 cards with 8 GB class 10 cards in both of my nuvi's. The faster card made a difference in the loading speed for the CN NA maps on the 755T, but the 855 still has a noticable lag when loading the map from the micro SD. Occasionally the 855 will throw a warning on boot up "No routable detail map" (or something similar). If I wait a few seconds, the message goes away, and the map display pops up. It then works OK while navigating. The 755T never does this.

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