Mapsource and Basecamp


I currently use Mapsource for trip planning and routing. I read some time ago that has been phased out by Garmin. I am assuming that Basecamp is the replacement. I got Mapsource with a GPS that I purchased back in 2003 and I like the program. Is Basecamp a better replacement? Would it be to my advantage to switch to Basecamp now?



Which stands for Work In Progress. That's the best way to describe BaseCamp at this time. The interface is completely different and the learning curve can be quite steep. I believe GPSPassion has quite a thread going on over how to use BaseCamp. The reaction on this forum is trending toward the negative because it's not really designed for automotive routing but it is slowly improving.

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MapSource vs BaseCamp

According to recent (Dec) contact with Garmin Support either of the two programs can be used. No mention of phase out.


Hopefully will help

This is a thread I started to get help on BaseCamp. It has helped me and hope it helps others.

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Short answer is yes

mgarledge - nicely done. Posting the link is much friendier than the typical "we've talked about that before, do a search".

I posted on the linked thread but I found BaseCamp worked better for what I was doing - a trip by car. I agree completely that the interface is difficult at first but I think other than a difficulty finding a way to include addresses in waypoints, other users found it to be functional for them.

For what it's worth, the comment on the other thread that I didn't really need the route is also pretty true. It is always nice to know when you will get there but it isn't difficult to stay on the blue ridge parkway. I might still create a route again if I do this drive again but if I do I will definitely use basecamp. It worked far better than Mapsource (or streets and trips or google maps). Once you get past the learning curve, I did not find BaseCamp to be difficult to use (why they had to invent a new interface is a bit beyond me, however).