LightSquared test interferes with 75% of tested GPS units

From the article:

According to a draft of the report obtained by Boomberg News, LightSquared's signals "caused harmful interference to majority [sic] of GPS receivers tested. No additional testing is required to confirm harmful interference exists."

Given the attitude of the "What...ever" FCC, I fear that in spite of this, the FCC commissioners are probably still looking for a way to have their approval documents in LightSquared's Christmas stocking. mad

Nothing a few lobbyists and

Nothing a few lobbyists and campaign donations can't take care of.

Pardon my ignorance, but

Pardon my ignorance, but what is Lightsquared? Thanks in advance for help with my question. =)

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lizlovesmustangs wrote:

Pardon my ignorance, but what is Lightsquared? Thanks in advance for help with my question. =)

"You can't get there from here"


If monies are changing pockets, you bet it will be approved!!!

It's All About Political Clout and Of Course Money.

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Just wondering

Who are the customers that Lightsquared is trying to sign up?

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Going To Happen

I think Lightsquare is going to happen even it it causes us problems. They have more power and money than the government.

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Read for yourself-- Stanford Conference

Stanford University recently held a conference on Precision Time and Position. The lead-off presentation was on the damage LightSquared will cause to GPS:

take a look at slide 4. There's a little bump on the spectrum chart labeled "Starfire/Omnistar." It's completely swamped by LightSquared's 10H signal.

This signal is used by precision positioning systems sold by John Deere for agriculture, road construction, and large construction projects.

This Starfire signal is a GPS correction signal broadcast by the Inmarsat III satellite. If LightSquared goes live using either 10H or 10L, this downlinked satellite signal is completely unrecoverable. This is not something that can be "designed around."

The other presentation to look at is by the FAA:

The FAA says that LightSquared devastates GPS, and repeats that for many services (such as John Deere's precision location mentioned above), redesigns are not possible.

This a whole lot worse than "your equipment is obsolete and needs to be replaced with modern designs."

The lead-off presentation shows, in the spectrum charts, that modern high-precision GPS gear is even MORE susceptible to interference from LightSquared than the older low-precision GPS gear!

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