Looking for some first-hand GPS / digital map stories


I spoke with a writer today who's working on a piece about GPS and digital maps. She'd like to speak with a few people who have interesting personal stories that she can use in her article.

If we're lucky, our community might get a little publicity as a result. smile

Perhaps you use GPS or digital maps in an interesting way. Or maybe you received some sketchy guidance and ended up with a good story as a result.

I'd like to pass a few contacts to her by tomorrow so she can get in touch with you early next week.

If you have a story you'd like to share, reply to this thread or send me a note via the web site contact form.



Jonathan (aka JM)

Don't miss your chance to chat :)

Friendly writer is still looking for some stories.

Now's your chance to share your thoughts on how good / bad your experience has been with digital maps and GPS technology....

Send me a note and I'll pass along your contact info.

Did I mention she has a nice voice smile