Software for MAC


I purchased the Nuvi 660 back in December and love it. My wife is a teacher and uses a Mac. Does Garmin have software that supports the Mac? I read somewhere that a target date was by the end of 2006. Any suggestions???

There is a version of

There is a version of WebUpdater and a version of POI Loader for the mac.

Garmin now says that a mac version of MapSource will be ready by the end of 2007.

Simple answer is Yes

BUT at this time Mac WebUpdater and Mac POI Loader
are in beta "release" stage.
WebUpdater for Mac appears to work fine !
Some people have experienced problems getting POI
Loader from working correctly on some models.
I had problems but I am running a C330 ! Go to search at the Garmin site and search for "POI Loader for Mac " WebUpdater for Mac should be under software updates & downloads for your unit !
good Luck

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