No compass and delay time on 2460 navigation map?


I had a 350 for several years, then a 1490 for 2 weeks (until I realized it had no disk space), and now a 2460.

My 350 had a compass icon on the map in 3D view which I liked. I can't find a way to enable this on my 2460. Sure, I can click the speed and see 1 of 8 directions I'm heading. I would like a quick glance and be able to tell I'm going ~5º E of N, not just N.

My 1490 showed the delay time when the icon turned yellow or red. My 2460 just changes colors and I have to click twice to see the delay time, and twice more to get back. Is there are way to see the delay time on the map? Maybe this is the "Best Western Enhancement".

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There are now settings available for what you see on the map screen. Go to Tools - Settings - Navigation - Map Data Layout and select More Data. This will provide you with 3 added fields on the map screen. select any of the additional fields (other than speed) and you will see Direction Of Travel as one of the options. In fact it maybe one of the default selections. That's your compass.

The Nuvi no longer show time delay along with the traffic icon on the map screen.

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Did what you said but that

Did what you said but that turns my 2460 map size into a 350 map size, plus only gives the 8 general directions. I just wish I could get that small N arrow back smile

And I'm probably right that delay time was removed to force user to "Best Western" screen.

Typical Garmin removing useful functionality while adding stuff no one wants. I really like the lifetime maps with junction view on the 1490 when it doesn't have enough space for either upgrades...

So far my 2460 has worse route calculation than my 350. On my drive to work, 50% of the time it wants me to exit the interstate 3 exits too early. That's when the traffic icon is green. Don't know why that's happening.

My 2460 is a nice upgrade from my 350 but some things seem to be a step backwards.

Sorry for the rant...

It is

It is what it is but that's the only compass your going to get.

Turn off TrafficTrends under Tools - Settings - Navigation - Automotive - nuRoute. That will probably help the situation where it takes you off the expressway early.

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