Garmin new lifetime map updater


I could use from feedback on this new Garmin map updater. I have a 1490LMT and ever since I downloaded that updater and try to get an update it always comes back with "Garmin servers are currently experiencing difficulty. Please try again later". I just read the new post about 2012.2 now being available so I opened the program (it didn't alert me to the new update as I thought it would) and I got that same message once again. What's up with that? Are any of you getting that as well? Any info appreciated.

My Garmin

Go to My Garmin and click on option 1 for map updater install and then click on repair. it worked for me...Mine was having problems until I did this.

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thank you

Thanks for the info. I reinstalled the program choosing the number one option. It didn't give me any repair option but once I reboot I'll see if the problem is solved. Thanks again!