Washington DC Area Cameras


I'm finding a lot of camera locations for DC and surrounding areas. Getting coordinates is a little tricky but I should have another batch ready to post before the weekend.

added 65 new camera locations

Your update is posted. It included red light cameras in the following communities:

  • Washington, DC
  • Suitland, MD
  • Rockville, MD
  • Baltimore, MD

... plus a few additions for Bakersfield CA, Scottsdale AZ, Mesa AZ, and Cleveland OH.

Thank you miss poi!

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Verification of DC coordinates

Miss POI, if you need any of those camera locations verified. Let me know.

Jazzy D!

Thanks jazzy_d :) I really

Thanks jazzy_d smile
I really appriciate the offer
Miss Poi


How do you get coordinates?


I have some camera locations but I don't know how to get the coordinates

All you have to do is email

All you have to do is email me the intersections and I can do the rest.

Miss Poi

DC Metro

I found this gov site with a map of DC Metro lights:


I can't verify any of the information, but hopefully this will help capture more data in the area. =)

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