Is anyone subscribed to EZ-Pass in a different state than the one they live in?



We live in Maryland, where O'Malley started charging us a $1.50/month "administrative fee" for absolutely nothing, so we canceled our EZ-pass. We use it enough that we'd like to pick one up again but only if there is no fee involved, so I've been looking at neighboring states' EZ-Pass programs.

It looks like the best deals are through DRJTBC, Peace Bridge and Virginia. I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with any of these agencies before we sign back up, though.

Seems to have been a pretty dumb move on Maryland's part though as a bunch of folks have just dumped their EZ-Pass accounts, increasing the need for paid toll-collection personnel. Let's spend lots of money on this great automated system and then do everything we can to reduce the demand for it... great idea.


- Phil

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generic term

phranc wrote:
sunsetrunner wrote:

Have EZ-Pass here in Texas, don't know if it will work with any other EZ-Pass systems.

EZ Pass is EZ Pass.

"EZPass" has become a generic term, like Scotch tape, and Band-Aid. So unless the toll collection system is actually called EZPass, it won't work on the EZPass system, in most cases. Florida's SunPass PRO is an example of an exception, there are a few others.

Long story short, in Texas the pass is called EZ Tag and will not work with EZPass.

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EZ Tag is not E-ZPass

sunsetrunner wrote:

Have EZ-Pass here in Texas, don't know if it will work with any other EZ-Pass systems.

Texas uses EZ Tag (stickers) and is not compatible with E-ZPass, used in the northeast, Midwest, and a few other places like North Carolina.

EZ pass from New Hampshire

I live in Ohio and mostly use the EZ-Pass for the West Virginia turnpike (although occasionally the Ohio Turnpike). When I got this, probably 10 years ago, I looked as all of the states and was primarily looking for a tag with no monthly/annual fee. I probably paid a higher initial cost for the transponder but it has worked well all this time and New Hampshire has never instituted a monthly fee.

E-Pass Uni transponder from

E-Pass Uni transponder from Florida cost $14.95 and
available at Amazon works in 19 states and no monthly charge.

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two E-ZPass tags this week and the shape has changed. They are wider, and flatter. This is a PITA because now we are back to the office 80%, and this is enforced. What that means is I do need to use the NJ tags, and use the same tag every day. When I get 18 trips, there is an $18 credit.

This is a bit silly I think on NJ's part because most plans other than senior plans, are account, not tag, specific.

Take the Port Authority Staten Island plan--3 trips on the account, all crossings are 1/2 price on the Goethals and Outer Bridge.

I thought the new width would interfere with my dash cam placement, but maybe not. But it is true that the strips no longer line up as the new is much wider.

First world problems but are they really? I was in a 3rd world country earlier this month, and they too have toll transponders.

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