1450 vs 1490 vs 1490T vs 1490LMT vs ...


It is my understanding that a 1490 is a 1450 with Bluetooth.
Though my 1490 came with a traffic receiver, it isn't labeled a 1490T.
Since they all use the same software, is there really a difference? Does a 1490 become a 1490T when I plug in the receiver?
Can a 1490 be more buggy than a 1450 (they use the same software).
My 1450 didn't come with traffic. I added a GTM-25.
Neither my 1450 (with purchased GTM-25) nor my 1490 (came with GTM-26) have advertisements. Are advertisements only in certain areas? Which units have the advertisements?

It's all so confusing.....

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What I can tell you

is that my 1490LTM is a 1490 with Lifetime Traffic and Maps. There appears to be different flavors of the basic 1490 each with a different range of options.


Does that mean your 1490 hardware identical to mine? Is the only difference being that you have a subscription for that unit that enables you to download maps whenever they are released?

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Garmin allows you to compare their models


The differences between the units are highlighted in light blue.

The 1450 is 1490 with the Bluetooth disabled and possibly missing that hardware too. You can add the receiver/power cord to a 1450 to make it a 1450T, if you didn't get that feature when you bought it. The 1490 is always a 1490T because it comes with the traffic receiver/power cord.

The traffic is "free", being supported by ads that only pop up when you are stopped.

As noted by others, T = Traffic, LM= Lifetime Maps, LMT = both and yes the difference between the 1490T & 1490LMT is the latter has a lifetime map subscription.

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I never get traffic ads

I bought my GTM-25 so I don't expect ads on that receiver, but I never get ads on my 1490, which came with a GTM-26.

Are the ads only displaced in certain locations or near certain POIs?

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They are only displayed when your stopped.

There maybe some logic to which one is displayed but there are only a few different ones (Red Lobster, Olive Garden which are the same company and Best Western are the most frequent) so I doubt if it's POI location specific.

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I've never seen ads on either of my units

Is there a way to tell if your traffic is ad supported? I have a feeling neither of mine is.

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Trying to contact

I saw your comment when you posted the Catholic Church file.

I have been adding churches in PA and wanted to send them to you so you can update the file. NO CONTACT INFO???

Contact Info

I fixed my acct so my contact info appears.
I am currently working on NJ. Haven't worked on it in a while. It's very time consuming. I can move to PA next.

How are you creating the data? I go diocese by diocese and verify every point using the street address.

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