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Love your site, new to Garmin, new to POI, you name it just simply NEW.

Yesterday I was able to create some POI for a trip I am taking using the Poi Manager - today I go in to work some more on it and it doesn't connect, it says "unconnected" but I don't know how to connect, there is no log on/in, and I am lost.

Does anyone know what to tell me to do besides take a hike? smile


hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to the site!

Kick back and relax, there are plenty of helpful people here that can help you resolve almost any question or issue you have.

As a starter, look through the FAQs, they will answer quite a few questions about your unit and POI in general. Some members have created exercises that accomplish a couple of things, one is how to back up the files on your unit so you can at least restore it to a known point in case there is a mishap.

Gary Hayman has created a site that is just full of tips and tricks. I suggest you tackle his site in small chunks - not that it's overly technical, it's just because of the shear volume of information he provides in a fun and easy read.

Illiterate? Write for free help.

Thank You

I am sure there are plenty of people who can help me, I just read through all the FAQ's on the Poi Manager and it doesn't have anything to cover that.

But I will check out Gary's site - Thank you!

Tell us more

Debirae wrote:

Yesterday I was able to create some POI for a trip I am taking using the Poi Manager - today I go in to work some more on it and it doesn't connect, it says "unconnected" but I don't know how to connect, there is no log on/in, and I am lost.

Welcome Debbie.

The first thing I would suggest that you do is several of the beginners exercises. The reasons for this are severalfold. First, we want to make sure that certain setting on your computer are properly set. Next, we want to have you backup your GPS so you will always be able to get back to original state.

Just so we do not lose you, go to the FAQ exercises by holding down your "Cntl" key and then left click on the first link. In your browser, you will notice that a new window appears in the Tab bar. That is an exercise which you can follow - by clicking on that new tab - and then return here - by clicking on this Tab. You should again hold down the "Cntl" key and left-click on the second link and follow those instructions; then, come back here because we will need some more info from you.

You said that you created some POI. Tell us exactly what you did. In particular, I am wondering if you had your 1390lmt connected to your computer during the process of creating a POI.

Do you have a PC or a Mac?

Have you downloaded POILoader from Garmin. If not, the link is:

You need to have a USB cable to connect your 1390 to your computer. When you make the connection, your computer should have informed you that it found new hardware and installed certain drivers. When I hook my 765 by USB cable, it turns itself on and show a little pocture of a device connected by cable to a computer.

At this point, I can go into Windows Explorer and find a new "disk drive" which is named "Garmin nuvi".

Have you done all this?

Thank you for your reply

Yes, I have done all that, I always do a back up with anything new.

I have a PC, Windows 7 - and everything is going well with the exception that I cannot "connect" in the "MyPoi Manager" - it shows me not connected, and yet there isn't anything there marked "connect" or do their FAQ's tell you about it.

Is this the site you are

Is this the site you are asking about ?

Just a suggestion.Many ways to make your custom poi files.One I found when first starting out was to use Google Earth (link no longer available)0 .Other methods for excel. for notepad.Once you have made your files or downloaded from site see .

Make sure to download Extra Poi Editor.It does many things including making custom poi files that you can save as a csv or gpx file.A tool you will need as you get more into this.

You can download Extra Poi Editor (not for Mac at this time) at . When you download the program if you get message about OCX file missing scroll down on the main page and under troubleshooting you will find the Extra Poi Editor Installer that you will need to download. Once installation is completed you will need to set up the preferences you want first. Under options click on preferences. For example using ft for input. Under units you will see editor, select Imperial/US. For Field Read and Field save select Metric..

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Memory Possibly

Just a thought, I'm not sure about the 1390 but a lot of the 13xx and 14xx units only have 2G of memory. Maybe you can install an micro SD card and connect and install your POIs on the card. I haven't used POI Manager either but it might not like the low internal memory.

On the card make a x:\GARMIN\POI folder and save the POI files there.

Welcome to the site!!

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...and enjoy. You'll certainly benefit.

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remember to have fun

remember to have fun

Garmin USB drivers

It may be worthwile to download the latest Garmin USB drivers:

Remove your Garmin from your USB port before doing the update.

Welcome and enjoy! POI

Welcome and enjoy! POI Factory adds a lot of value to your GPS purchase!

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I will also suggest

I will also suggest that you use the Extra poi editor (EPE). You can then create the file you want right on your own computer and convert it to what ever file type you want. No more with messing with online stuff.

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remember to have fun lol

remember to have fun lol

remember to have fun lol

remember to have fun lol

To everyone

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - what a help you have all been. I think I am getting the hang of this, and will start preparing for my trip!

I will continue to use this site and refer others as well.

Have a wonderful week!

Welcome to The Factory and

Welcome to The Factory and have a great trip.

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Welcome to the Site

You will find this site an invaluable resource for your GPS. Good luck with your journey!!!