have no idea what im doing!


Is there somewhere like POI for dummies cause I'm just not completely getting what this is all about


What kind of GPS do you have? that will help because then the people that have will help you. I have Delorme Street Atlas.

Welcome aboard

If you will follow this link to All FAQs (alphabetical list of questions)


you will find a number of Beginners Exercises. I wrote them so that a person who had just gotten a GPS could move slowly through the process of getting a basic understanding of what you can do with your Nuvi.

Good Luck.

Another good source

Another good source for beginners is Gary Hayman's site. Here is a link to basic information about POIs:


I can't tell whether you

I can't tell whether you want to put some POIs on your GPS and do not know how or whether you don't currently understand why you would do this. If you already know you want to try this, Gary's website walks you through a fun little exercise involving a proximetry alarm when you get "home" each day. It's a little silly, not terribly useful, but it's a good way to understand the steps.

In terms of why to do it, I think the most useful file is the one for restrooms on the highway. With this data on your GPS, you can look at the POIs to see how far away you are from a restroom and you can get an alarm on the GPS at a distance away you specify (so you don't miss it).

There are other files for other things including red light and speed cameras and various stores. Until you decide you want to have the data contained in one of these files available, it is pretty much an academic exercise which may not be worth the time. I really like having a bit of additional information on both my GPSs.

The process is creating (or downloading) the necessary files and then running Garmin's POI loader (free) to load them onto the GPS. That step is pretty simple (did it last night in maybe 10 minutes for both GPSs including reminding myself how and downloading the loader again.


If you want to install

If you want to install custom pois see http://www.poi-factory.com/node/25721

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Stick with it RYEANNE and

Stick with it RYEANNE and you will get it. Welcome to the factory.

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You've come to the right place

RYEANNE wrote:

Is there somewhere like POI for dummies cause I'm just not completely getting what this is all about

This is the place to be. Plenty of people to assist with any POI related issues. Welcome!

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Just ask a question

Just ask something and you will get a lot of answers.

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remember to have fun lol

remember to have fun lol

POI For Dummies

It can be a bit daunting at first. Once you've tried a few files, it will become second nature. Basically, what "this is all about" is supplementing the Points of Interest in your GPSr. Typically, the POIs that come with the GPSr and the subsequent map upgrades are not as accurate and up to date as the ones you will find on this site. There are also a great many more types of POIs here than come with the unit. Sites like this are a great resource for GPSr owners. Welcome aboard.