Chit Chat Thread for the week of May 16th, 2011


This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

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I'm early

This usually never happens!

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Have a great day!

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Near the Top

Woo Hoo

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So high, its dizzy up

So high, its dizzy up here....

“It’s their world. We’re just living in it.”

Good Morning

Wish Everyone a good safe week.

Have A Great Week Everyone

Seems like summer is over already, 35 degrees this morning.

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Lucky 7

Lucky 7 grin

Dana Point

A great,but cold day at the beach


Made it to the top 10!

"For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."

Good morning!

I hope everybody has a terrific week.

Time spent fishing is NEVER wasted!

New Week

Happy Monday.

God Speed, Endeavour!

Remembering John Glenn!

Have a good day, all!

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It's Monday

A good start to the week I remembered what day it is.

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Top of the morning

and a great week to all smile

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Good Monday All

First page! Haven't been on this early on a Monday for some time.....Hope everyone has a great week!!

Travel Safe!


where's the sun??????


Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Wife Suzanne !!!

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Have a great week

Have a great week

Have a great week everyone

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Just when you begin to think that summer has finally come, it gets cold for a couple of days just to bring you back to reality. Oh well, it is starting to warm up again so onward and upward.

Hope ALL at POI-Factory have a GREAT WEEK !!!

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First page but still too late to make the top ten.

Stay safe everyone. Floods, Fires, and Food Prices!


Robert Woodcock


Around the middle of page 1. I can't get used to Miss POI starting early. wink laugh out loud

Have a great day & week everyone... stay safe out there!!

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Good Morning

Good Morning all glad to be here.


Shuttle launch , gets closer to a very sad day for the USA

I can't figure out our government, Why is there nothing in place to replace our shuttle fleet? It wasn't a secret it was aging technology, and it wasn't like there was no time to develop newer and better space crafts.
Now we have to depend on others to carry our ass's into space. With nothing in the foreseeable future for heavy lifts.

I guess it is now the American way to depend on others. I can't imagine where we the people of the world would be without the spinoffs of NASA.
Now just more unemployment from the ranks of NASA talent pool and the trickle down from it's vendors along the space coast and many other places in the country.

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Have a Great Week!!!

Everyone have a great and a safe week!!

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Have a great Week


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Good afternoon

Late today. Rain expected most of the week in Cincinnati. Think I'll go south to someplace where the sun is shining.

With God, all things are possible. ——State motto of the Great State of Ohio

Happy Monday... Y'all!

The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe(')

Too busy

to remember to check into the forum. I don't blame it on my memory or anything, just too busy!

Good week to all. Drive safely.

Happy Monday

Have a great week!

Have a great week!

& motor safely!

pretty good week

great wx....exciting nascar.....great PGA golf.....
looking forward to this week.
Special prayers for our brothers and sisters in the flooded areas of the great mississippi.

Golf,whenever and wherever you can ... Always swing hard, just in case you hit it ..... If you can reach it,you can hole it, SEE IT FEEL IT DO IT !

Rain all week in the DC are, which ...

is a bummer.

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Like to never get those love

Like to never get those love bugs off my car.

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G' Mornin'

and G'Bye (f'now).

Good Monday morning to all.....

Have a great week. Rain, rain and more rain here in the SF Bay Area. Drive safe and sane.

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Have a great week

Looks like showers and cool weather all week. grin

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Monday Afternoon

Wow - the day is going fast - already afternoon.
Hope all enjoy the week.


Late again

The weather in Chicago has just been terrible. It's May 16th and the heat in my house is on.

Indy 500

The Big Race keeps getting closer and closer.

great weekend!

... easy, breezy, sunny - life is good

Have a good week!!!

May is flying by too fast! It will be Summer soon.

Happy week, y'all

Hoping to enjoy this great weather and survive the flood!

Nuvi 660

Happy Monday

Even though it's still raining....


Cool and Rainy Start .

Its a Dull, rainy and cool start to the week here in New York, Have a Safe and Great Week All.


First Page?

Nuvi 760

will summer ever arrive

the temp is 50 here


charlesd45 wrote:

Like to never get those love bugs off my car.

Don't ya just love, love bugs. wink

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Another day of Thunder

Another day of Thunder Storms!

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