map updates and saved routes (Garmin)


At my last job I would use my Zumo to save new routes I'd use on the job. Just turn the unit on and drive. The next day, (for some reason it wouldn't allowing saving the same day) I would save and name the route.I had several saved.

Enter Garmin updates, after an update the routes would no longer be on the actual roads they used to be, they would be nearly correct but on houses, yards a street off etc.

I contacted Garmin and was told this:


Thank you for your prompt reply. I have contacted my Automotive Help Desk and have been informed that since the trip logs were converted into routes using an older map set, that this is why the unit is unable to calculate the exact same route. In order to correct this issue you would want to export the routes on your unit into the MapSource program. This will allow you to see the routes in a large scale, which should allow you to make the small changes necessary changes and then import them back to the unit. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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Angelique L.
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Garmin International

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Has anyone ever tried this? Some of the routes would cover 100 miles over an 8 day a bit complicated (without really trying it). I've only used mapsource to load map areas the unit itself couldn't hold onto an SD card.

Anyone know of a better way to "fix" this problem?


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Yes, I've used Mapsource to

Yes, I've used Mapsource to import and export routes on a regular basis ... including using Mapsource to tweak routes after map updates ... It works like a charm.

In fact, everyone should use Mapsource to import and export their Waypoints (favorites) and routes.

Being paranoid, and not wanting to "reinvent the wheel" with routes and waypoints ... I use Mapsource to back up my items onto SD cards occasionally ... just to have another back-up copy.

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