Why wont my Garmin 660 recognize mp3 sounds that I downloaded?


I had downloaded speed/red light cameras from Trapster. I went and downloaded sounds in mp3 format from POI factory. I followed the directions from POI loader nameing the mp3 files the same as the POI files with the exception of the file extensions, ie: mp3 versus gpi. My unit picks up on the cameras poi's but wont play the mp3 sounds. What did I do wrong?

Dennis M. Dudley

It may recognize only *.wav

It may recognize only *.wav files for sound.


2 things

Two things to check.
1. The MP3 file has to have the same exact name as the POI file.
2. The most common problem is double extensions. If you are using Windows, the default is to hide known file extensions. Delete the MP3 extension and see if that works.

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file extension

I made sure that the file extension was changed same file name but changed the extension. The Trapster poi files already have their own sound could that be over riding the new sounds?

Dennis M. Dudley


In your OP, you reference MP3 vs GPI.

You need to be naming the sounds the same as your CSV/GPX files and loading them with POI Loader.

There's no such thing as a built in sound for a CSV or GPX file.

Now, if the files you are talking about about are already compiled GPI files, then you won't be able to add custom sounds.

Does your Garmin play mp3

Does your Garmin play mp3 files? The new Garmins only play .wav files - these are available on this site as well.

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The 660 has mp3 player.

The 660 has mp3 player.

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as charlesd45 says, the 660 does have an mp3 player.

What you might want to do is verify that you do not have double extensions. Do this exercise

If indeed, what you downloaded from Trapster is a .gpi file, I do not think POILoader would massage it (if it takes it at all) to associate your .mp3 file with it. It wants .csv or .gpx files.

Side note - does anyone know what POILoader does with a .gpi file? The help file says
"POI Loader loads all .csv and .gpx data files saved in a particular directory. When creating or downloading Custom POI data files, it is recommended that you save all the data files you want to upload to your device in the same directory" and does not mention .gpi files.


POI Loader doesn't do anything with already compiled GPI files. They have to be loaded manually.

thats what I thought

Motorcycle Mama wrote:

POI Loader doesn't do anything with already compiled GPI files. They have to be loaded manually.

Our 660 has dozens of MP3

Our 660 has dozens of MP3 alerts loaded, and all work fine here.....

I'm using them with BMP's for logo's and Comma Delimited files....check to make sure they all are spelled identically... Capitalization included.
For example:

It can work fine. I think we need more information.....

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I'm pretty sure that the answer is that the OP is trying to add Custom Sounds to a GPI file obtained (precompiled) from another site.

That cannot be done regardless of the GPS unit.