HD Icons


I have tried to get HD icons on my Zumo 550, with no luck, is there someone out there that has incountered this problem and has been able to overcome it...... Randy

HD Icons

I am guessing you are talking about Harley Davidson icon. Before running POI Loader check the following.

Go to "Where To? / Extras / Custom POIs" and open the Harley Davidson POIs. Select any dealer you choose. From the GO screen tap on the MAP tab. To see the icon zoom in to 200' scale. Many GPS icons are not visible until you zoom to this scale unless you are navigating to them.

If they are not visible then check the following.

1) Do you have the ~.bmp file you chose downloaded into the same directory as the Harley Davison Dealers.gpx file?

2) Did you rename the ~.bmp file so it is EXACTLY the same as the .gpx file, capitalization, underscores, etc. ?

I don't know which POI Loader version you are using but you can check your GPS for an existing HD~.GPI file and delete it prior to compiling the new file.

Now run POI Loader to compile the file and place it on your GPS.

After your done, disconnect the GPS from your computer, let it reboot and then go back up to the 2nd paragraph that describes how to see the icons and test again.

Hope this helps.

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The case of the (Sometimes) missing Icons

Check out Gary Hayman's website for a discussion of why icons sometimes appear and sometimes disappear and what you can do to increase the liklihood they will be around more often.

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