POI update question


I updated an existing POI file (Cactus_League_Baseball_Parks.csv) and submitted it via the Upload and share a CSV link.
The file never got posted and it's been around 5 or 6 days. It wasn't my file to begin with but was 2 years old and needed an update.
Was I wrong to update someone else's file?
It doesn't affect me as I've updated my GPS but I was trying to help any other baseball fans that might be heading to a spring training game in AZ.
I emailed the last person to updated the file before I sent in the corrections but didn't get any response.


It's probably in the queue waiting for Miss POI to review it.

Miss POI is on a bit of an extended vacation.....

I am not processing updates to old files right now. I will eventually get caught up.

Right now I have to focus on other things going on in my life right now.

Miss POI

miss poi

We love ya punkin

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