How to add POI Symbol


Hi to All,

My first post, I'm a newbie here. I don't have a normal GPS. It seems I alway find myself in that kind of spot, somewhere in between. I started out with a 60c, about all I could afford at the time. Then 15 years latter I wanted a bigger screen, so a 7200 was the bigest at the time. Then... I found out about BirdsEye and got an Oregon 550. With a 16 gb mirco SD I finally got the total area I hang out in, (11 gb). So it seems that none of my Garmin GPS's Do a good job with POIs. I've got a big truck so the 7200's not really that big.

Basically I'm looking to find a way to change symbols of POI points. And if posible separate speed cameras and red lights with there own symbols and or sounds. I know about bong bong and bing bing and a custom sound may be the only way to do this. I haven't found how to change the default symbols for POIs, only Way points. I have all these little dots (POIs) all over the screen and have no idea what dots are what.

I'm using from Garmin WebUpdater, Basecamp, MapSource and POI Loader. All are updated to latest versions. Plus all GPS units have latest firmware versions. I think the Oregon has beta firmware.

My primary GPS is the 7200. This is the GPS I'm adding POI's too. I have the NT 2011.40 and US TOPO 2008 100k on it. Also a 4gb SD card.

I hope this makes sense.

-- Vern

Sounds and icons.

The 7200 has mp3 ability.For voice alerts just name the mp3 the same as the poi file except for the extensions.The same for the icons.See for custom pois.By the way welcome to the site.

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