Does ANY current gen/model GPS have music (mp3) playback?


I have a Nuvi 750 which works perfectly fine, but have been considering making an upgrade, especially after seeing the current offerings from Garmin and even Tom Tom (been a long time Garmin user but that 5" display from Tom Tom really caught my eye). However, it seems that Garmin has not had music playback support from their 8xx series, and I can't even tell what Tom Tom models support music or not, especially with their latest. Anyone have any ideas on any recent Garmin or Tom Tom with music playback?

For garmin go to

For garmin go to andput check mark on mp3 on left under feature.Yhat will give you ones with mp3.No newer models since the 295 w.

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And that right there is the problem. It seems that neither company has released any newer models that have music playback built in. The only recourse that I have read here and there, is that the Tom Tom models are being based on a OS that can have stuff added onto it for more functionality which has been done in the past, but I don't know about their newest models. Not to mention, that neither company seems to release models with a memory slot either. sad


The three 7x5T models have "Bluetooth® wireless, FM lifetime traffic, lane assist with junction view, 3-D building view, widescreen, preloaded street maps for North America, speaks street names, photo navigation, FM transmitter, MP3 player, route planning, Where am I?, Garmin Locate™". (No bluetooth on the 755T). What in addition is needed?

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The 7x5t series is a discontinued product. No current Garmin products have MP3 capabilities.


Discontinued only means its an older unit. Garmin still supports it and you can find it at places like Amazon for a good price.

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MP3 Playback

It would seem that Garmin has decided not to compete with inexpensive mp3 players. While I have an mp3 player, I like to use my Nuvi 350 since it gives me directions as well as recorded music AND it silences the music while giving directions.

Perhaps Garmin's with mp3 playback will resell for more than they originally cost because of that matter.


It Does Not Appear Newer TomToms Have MP3 Capability

That is interesting. I checked several sources and it appears that the last TomTom unit that included music (MP3) capability was the GO930 series.

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If they don't make money with it, they'll drop it

I can think of two reasons GPS manufacturers would bail on mp3 playback. Either it didn't add sales commensurate with its cost because the great majority of customers didn't care about it, or it was causing service issues. My older Nuvi has mp3 playback, but I never once tried it and wouldn't pay anything extra to get mp3 playback on a GPS unit. There are so many other ways to get music in your car now. They can't kitchen-sink every feature in that only a few people want--that just hurts their profit.

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MP3 is a must have for me

I use the mp3 player often when I am on trips. The player is a must for me. I have the Garmin 765t and 350. Both of them have players. I would will not be interested in ever upgrading to a unit that does not have a mp3 player. What is Garmin thinking by removing that feature?


nüvi 760

When I lost my trusty nüvi 760 I researched new models. None of them did what I wanted. I listen to books from while driving for work. After looking at all of the newer models I ended up purchasing another 760. None of the new models had the mp3 player and that meant they couldn't play the audio books either. I've been extremely happy with the 760 and it's been a solid unit for me. I can't see any reason to change.

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A narrow view.........

dagarmin wrote:

There are so many other ways to get music in your car now.

Not EVERYBODY uses their GPS in a "car".

In the pocket of my motorcycle jacket, I find the added MP3 player a real plus.......and it guarantees a headphone jack too.

If the GPS makers are going to be able to compete effectively with the do-it-all-phones on the market now, I'd think they would be adding useful features, not removing them.

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I bekieve..

Some of the Zumo models have MP3 capabilities.

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MY 660

A music player in addition to bluetooth and (lifetime) traffic subscription are the reasons I chose this model. I am still happy with its GPSr function with 2010 maps.

I have a curious question about the maps, though. I have found in my city at least two errors in the maps (but only in very specific areas, perhaps a refresh or two at most). One calls I-10 "1-10", another refers to US90 westbound instead of the correct eastbound. (verbally and on the screen). Where does one report this. The 2008 maps were correct.

Similar experiences?

Nuvi 660

Love My MP3 Player

I had to make a 6-hr road trip yesterday. Listened to the mp3 player on my 660 the whole way. smile

I'm sorry to see Garmin drop this feature from it's current GPS models. Not sure what I would do if I needed to replace my 660. crying

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Too Bad -

Yes, that is too bad. I will never get rid of my Nuvi 660 -unless it goes belly up - for that reason.

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last model to come out that has MP3 playback was 295W

I think that the last model to come out that has MP3 playback capability was the 295W and that has now just been discontinued also.

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It costs money

Manufacturers have to pay licensing fees to add mp3 playback to their products. I don't know how much the fee is per unit but if they drop that feature then they save a few pennies. They also can drop the earphone jack and the FM transmitter, a few more pennies added to the bottom line.

Like others here, the mp3 player is a deal maker for me. When I was shopping for a GPS I found the 750 and saw that it played mp3 files. That was why I bought a Garmin instead of a Tom-Tom or Magellan. I'm retired now and if my 750 breaks, I won't replace it unless I can get one with a mp3 player.


they don't include it on the new models. Have a 650 and 750 and use the feature all the time.

Simultaneous Music and Navigation Through Car Speakers

jackj180 wrote:

Like others here, the mp3 player is a deal maker for me. When I was shopping for a GPS I found the 750 and saw that it played mp3 files. That was why I bought a Garmin instead of a Tom-Tom or Magellan. I'm retired now and if my 750 breaks, I won't replace it unless I can get one with a mp3 player.

I too wouldn't buy another GPS if it doesn't include mp3 playback. Even more so, mp3 playback through Bluetooth is important to me too! (as on my 775). I think when the manufacturers do customer research, most responders say they don't care if their GPS can act like an iPod, and I would agree with them. However, most wouldn't realize that when putting the navigation through the car speakers, you can't have an iPod bringing in music at the same time (two sources simultaneous). Therefore, in order to use navigation through the stereo AND listen to music, the GPS has to operate as the music source too.

New mobile

My old mobile already had mp3 playback and the new one has gps with free lifetime updates from the owner of Navteq too!! And it cost less than my GPS.

Keep up Garmin!