Excel Trouble with Poi's


Hi Everyone. This website is fantastic. I am enjoying my new Nuvi 680 !!!! Lots of fun. Im trying to create few " Speed" warning Poi's using excel.
The problem is everytime I try to enter the longitude with the minus sign ( West) it doesn't let me continue.( Like changes to SUM and adds other stufff to the end of the digits !!!!
When I type on the A1 block for example -90.456 and then try to move the cursor to the B1 spot , it gives me problems. Seems that when I enter the Minus sign of the western longitude it throws off the excel protocol.
Can anyone help me out with this one?



Divi: I have made a few


I have made a few files in Excel and have not experienced that problem, however, right click on the cell and check the formating. It should read "general". At least that is how mine are formatted and I have no issues. Also, check that there are no formulas in the cell that may cause some issues.

Hope this helps.


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Excel Trouble

Your problem is caused by Excel's annoying tendency to think it is smarter than you. When you begin a cell entry with a "-" it says "this is a math formula" and treats it like a number. As noted in the previous post you can avoid the problem by selecting General or Text from the cell format options.

Also I have found

that sometimes Excel will get "funky" and not let me enter a
(negative) number and then hit the arrow key to go to B cell
I have to hit enter and then go to B cell and arrow up !
Crazy but it happens

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Excel with POi's

I copy and paste so that the info drops right into cell A, cell B, etc.....

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Thank you, Thank you

Thank you, Thank you !!!!!!!!
Working like a charm.