Too Much Snow



Between late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning we had around 4 inches of snow that hardened into a slippery mess. We had some flurries for most of the rest of Wednesday and then the proverbial you-know-what hit the fan. From around 7:00 PM Wednesday night through Thursday morning we had another 10 inches of snow.

Because of poor road conditions and streets not being plowed we lost two days of working. That means we'll have to work tomorrow just so we won't fall too far behind. Even today, a trip to one of our jobs that should have taken about 45 minutes took just about double that.


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I hear ya

Here is VA we got dumped on last week, and this morning they are calling for icy rain.

Thankfully my work allows telecommuting, so I am home and not out on the roads.

came south for the winter

came south for the winter and this is what i get tulsa with 15 in of snow lol


I'll be able to get to work today.... But I'll be happy if I get the car in the garage tonight...

Tomorrow???? Latest estimates are 20" !!!

Once the car is in the garage tonight... I'll worry about tomorrow --- Tomorrow!!

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Not down here ☺

Sunny & in the 70's here in Florida......Had my fill of winter long ago (lived in Chicago & Wash DC for many thanks).
Remember - you don't have to shovel sunshine ☺

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Maybe you need this

JanJ wrote:

I'll be able to get to work today.... But I'll be happy if I get the car in the garage tonight...

Tomorrow???? Latest estimates are 20" !!!

Once the car is in the garage tonight... I'll worry about tomorrow --- Tomorrow!!

All the worlds indeed a stage and we are merely players. Rush


The overnight low (-6F) would be warmer than today's high (-7F).

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The same here

But that's what we get for living in the great white north

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That's why I moved

I moved to Flor-i-duh 13 years ago from NH because SNOW
got to be nothing but a dirty 4 letter word !

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Sleet here too today along

Sleet here too today along with the snow. sad

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Calgary just got another 8 inches of snow this last weekend

Lots of snow over the weekend and lots of snow this year we keep getting warm spells which melt most of it. Can't keep the vehicles clean for more than an hour....

Super Bowl

I could see the Super Bowl site (Arlington,TX Cowboy Stadium)
from my house if not for the trees. Last year about this time we had 12" of snow. We were at about 14 degrees last night and are to remain below freezing for something like 80 hours. Having what they call rolling blackouts because of high electric usage. 9 degrees for tonight. Only had about an inch of that white stuff but mostly sleet and a lot still on the roads. Super Bowl forecast for Sunday is 55 degrees.

You northerners come on down but you might want to wait until Sunday.

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Only ~9 more inches of snow near Detroit

They've been saying 12~18 inches. Fortunately, we only had about 9 inches.

20in in tulsa what can i say

20in in tulsa what can i say

Winter in Chicago

20.2 inches at Ohare. Enough is enough!

But It Isn't Even a DRY Cold!

rodeophoto wrote:

But that's what we get for living in the great white north

On Monday it was -35C (-31F) without the windchill. Yesterday it was +4C (40F).

I was born and raised in Winnipeg but I HATE winter! As Randy Bachman and Neil Young sing in Prairie Town - "Portage and Main 50 below" crying

They say grandchildren are

They say grandchildren are God's gift to you for not killing your own.

We Were Lucky

The forecast for the mess we were supposed to get Monday night into Tuesday morning and Tuesday night into Wednesday morning never fully materialized.

In the first part they said 1" - 3" of snow along with up to 1/4" of ice. We wound up with a light coating of now and a little ice in certain areas. The second part, which was supposed to be rain followed by freezing rain, wound up being just rain.

Mother Nature was quoted as saying she'll "Get us next time". She also said, directed toward us, "Be afraid. Be very afraid".

Still no snow in the Phoenix area

but it has been abnormally cold the past few nights. Phoenix Open is experiencing delays in play, but that is nothing new. Most years the Phoenix Open has some sort of weather that affects play. Frost delays and no game hero like Tiger have the fickle Phoenix Open fans boo-hooing, but they will all be healed by the time they have numerous libations at the Bird's Nest.

Stay warm and use the snow-thrower instead of the shovel, it is better for your heart!

No Power

One of my family members who lives west of Indianapolis was without power for ~19 hours yesterday.

Glad I don't live up north any more.

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does 1989 rings a bell?

Gary A wrote:

Glad I don't live up north any more.

You most to forgotten Christmas day 1989 when great chunk of Hillsborough county was without power for 3 days, what saved us was the kerosene heaters we brought from up north when we left Philly and the cold weather behind.

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We had 1 foot just yesterday

We had 1 foot just yesterday alone. Had to dig out the car twice, to park it across the street for the snow clearance, took a while just to identify it. If you like skiing, you can never have too much snow smile

Only a couple of days snow

Only a couple of days snow so far this year on the Wet Coast. It may rain, but you don't have to shovel it!

More Snow

This coming week looks something like tha last few weeks. Rain/snow on Tuesday and snow on Thursday.

more snow!

more snow!


We had over 2 feet last year, and about 4 inches total this year. There were 2 major storms that went by, but missed them both.

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