Henry's Farmers Market and Sun Harvest Market Grocery Stores


The 46 Henry's Farmers Market and Sun Harvest Market stores are owned by Smart & Final, Inc.

Henry's Farmers Markets POI at http://www.poi-factory.com/node/26390 lists 37 locations and

Henry's and Sun Harvest Markets POI at http://www.poi-factory.com/node/30776 lists 44 locations.

Henry's and Sun Harvest Markets POI is missing:

24: Lakewood Henry's Farmers Market - COMING SOON!
4253 Woodruff Ave.
Lakewood CA 90713

26: Lubbock Sun Harvest Farms
8201 Quaker Ave.
Suite 140
Phone: 806.794.4900
Hours: 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.

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When I first started the Henry’s Farmers Markets (node 26390) files in December ‘09, Henry’s was all there was. It turns out that Sun Harvest Markets was either merged with Henry’s or acquired later. At my last update (December 1, 2010), I did not include the 9 new Sun Harvest Markets because they are in Texas and quite some distance away from all the others in So. California - with a different name. I notice that ONLY the 9 Sun Harvest Markets are listed on the Sun-Harvest website and NO Henry’s Markets are included. On the other hand, all Henry’s AND Sun Harvest Markets (46 total) are listed on the Henry’s website. It was my intention to include only Henry’s Markets, and the reason that I did not include the location at Lakewood, CA is that it has been “Coming Soon” for more than a year. All 37 Henry’s Markets are included in my last update to the file. If Smart & Final has acquired all of these markets, then it is news to me. There is no indication on the Smart & Final website about their ownership of Henry’s OR Sun Harvest – only stores located in CA, NV, & AZ (none in TX).
EDIT: I just found out that Smart & Final does not own Henry’s or Sun Harvest, but instead all 3 chains (Henry’s, Smart & Final, & Sun Harvest) have been owned by Apollo Management Co. since 2007. It is my personal opinion that POIs for 2 different chains with 2 different names should be in 2 different files regardless of ownership, and that if all locations in a file are CHAIN store locations, then the file name should include only the EXACT name of the chain, not something like “Great Burgers”, or “Penney’s & WalMart” .

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Henry's, Sun Harvest, etc

Check out the web site for Sprouts Farmers markets. They are in the process of combining Sprouts, Henrys, and Sun Harvest under the Sprouts name.