Ohio Barn Quilts, By County, Project


I have been working on a project involving the locations of Ohio Barn Quilts. What I would like to do is on a basic level is verify the GPS locations of all or most of the barn quilts and include their names in the state of Ohio by county files then one larger statewide file. I use a Garmin 1350t unit myself but I would like to see as many compatible units as possible be able to use the files as well. Eventually, if possible I would like to add other information as well. Given the large scope of the project I'm only able to do so much myself and to drive and verify coords would take far too long by myself. I was wondering if anyone else here in the state of Ohio would be interested in assisting with this project. The locations would need the following information if possible.

Pattern Name

Anyone in the Ohio area interested in assisting with this project?