Garmin 765t Bluetooth and Blackberry Bold 9000


Has anyone used bluetooth with a Blackberry Bold 9000 with a Garmin 765T? I found over time with the mydashboard updates from Garmin my Bluetooth features have become less reliable. I use to be able to voice dial with my Bold or lookup last number dialed, missed calls, etc.. Instead now I see a list of phone #s which are long stream of numbers that make no sense. In the last 9 months things have changed and I don't understand why. Has anyone had similar bluetooth issues?


Sometimes updates do unadvertised things - like update bluetooth. Make sure your 765t and BB both have the latest software on them - then, go into both device set-ups and delete the device paring, and re-pair them; first try letting the 765 find the phone and see what happens... if things don't seem kosher, delete parings, and re-pair again, but let the phone find the 765t and see if that works any better.

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seems like repairing has

seems like repairing has made my connection reliable again!