Location of all Subaru dealers plus certified shops


It would be quite useful to have a POI list of all Subaru dealers and certified repair shops? I would think that it would be easy for Subaru of America (the USA branch of Subaru) to provide all Subaru dealers and, to become a certified repair shop there must be some type of process administrated by Subaru, so they should know these shops as well.

Subaru almost requires that all repairs be done by a Subaru dealer or certified mechanics during the warranty period. Even after the warranty period, a shop certified to work on Subaru's is preferable.

I'm not a POI developer but I did just buy a 2010 Subaru Outback smile

Here's a start

Here's a start:


I will note that I offered a correction to the Flagstaff AZ location but I'm not sure that it was ever corrected. I did manually correct my Subaru Dealer POI file on my nuvis to the new Flagstaff address.

Mine was not in built ins

my dealer was not in the built in dealerships but was in the POI factory file.

They Sold You One?

boaterbob wrote:

...but I did just buy a 2010 Subaru Outback smile

Wow! Years ago my parents wanted to look at a Subaru and they couldn't even get a salesman to help them out. They were looking to buy two new cars and they were dumbfounded that no one would talk with them. They gave up and went to Nissan and bought two Sentra's.

I thought it was an isolated incident but then a little over a year ago my brother-in-law was in the market for a new vehicle. He went to a totally different Subaru dealer and got basically the same treatment. He did manage to get a saleswoman to talk to him, in between her eating her sandwich. He gave up and bought a Mazda figuring he wasn't that important to them. A few weeks later the saleswoman called and asked him if he was still interested in a vehicle :/

I know people buy them but I am curious as to how.

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Buying a Subaru

Aardvark wrote:

I know people buy them but I am curious as to how.

We bought a 2010 Subaru Legacy last October. I guess it depends on the dealership one goes to. The one we went to was very helpful. They let us wander around to check stuff out without bothering us. Personally, I like that. As soon as we wanted to talk, the salesman was right there and we ordered one for Invoice price. Actually, it was a bit lower than Invoice... They lower the price down to the nearest $99 price point. So the price was $26 less than Invoice.

I bought my second Subaru last year...

...and paid $700. less than what Consumer Reports recommended was the starting price to bargain from. That was what they offered right from the start. It was also $4000. cheaper than I had paid for my first Outback in 2000.

No brand of car is without its defects and quirks. And no company is perfect in its employees. What else is new?

I created the Subaru dealership file on this site, and handed it off to someone else awhile ago. It was as accurate as I could make it. If there are flaws in the file now, contact the current maintainer.


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Regional variation

Aardvark wrote:
boaterbob wrote:

...but I did just buy a 2010 Subaru Outback smile

Wow! ...
I know people buy them but I am curious as to how.

I've now had my first Subaru a bit over a year through a 96 Ford Explorer "Cash for Clunkers" trade.

A recent drive to and from central Florida from northern Arizona was very interesting.

Here at 7000' in snowy AZ, my city of 60,000 has very many Subarus on the road--a 4-mi round trip to Downtown lets me usually see a dozen on the streets. Often, I find myself at a stop light and see that I'm the 3rd Forester in a row! I also see lots of Subarus in other areas with 4 seasons: Denver and the mountains of CO, Wisconsin, etc.

Well, in 7 days of solid driving 4200 miles to and from Florida, I was amazed at the lack of them seen. Except for seeing one on the interstate through Alberquerque and one near Tampa FL, I did not see a single Subaru in all of TX, LA, MS, AL, FL. It made me wonder about dealers, repairs, etc. in the South.

So it may be that outside of areas that have serious winter weather, Subarus, dealers, and dealer staff are not too motivated, especially at dealers with multi-brand lines of Subaru plus others like Nissan, etc.

PS--for the maintainer of the POI file, the Flagstaff dealer is no longer on Rte 66 but is now at 4960 E Marketplace Dr.