10 days with a nuvi 3790T


Well, here we are in Sydney Australia cleverly baited by Garmin with there slim, sexy and state of the art Garmin 3790T, I use my GPS all day 5 days a week over 1200kms to boot, at first glance I was impressed with the look and reponse of the hands free voice command feature that seemed to have a good 90% hit rate with most commands and address instructions, but after a few days little things became more apparent with the unit, some commands went unrecognised, unit would shutdown and reboot after an address instruction was given noticed its got 1 dead pixel, sync with phone works but sometimes sound after dialing is not connecting even though call was made, voice command feature after saying "Navigate" becomes locked and total non responsive.
The unit does lack features that my TomTom go930 had like avoiding toll roads, and more interactive Live Traffic feature but in its own right when it works its a nice unit just lacks some of the ideas of other GPS units, but I guess that will be in the box on the next smick piece of Techy stuff.

So in short after 10 days its a love/hate relationship that on looks alone will lure you in, and its hands free interface, price tag here in Australia is between $475 - $549 dollars,comes with free lifetime map upgrades until 30/09/11 which was a selling point for me. Software/firmware has bugs in it which I'm hoping eventually they will get to.
Take your time buying one, plenty of pros and cons but its not everything in one box,
be ware take care its a seductive little bugger!

On the road 10hrs a day with the GPS on all day...:) !

nuvi 3790T

I wonder if there is a firmware update that you can download and install on the new nuvi. Have you registered your new nuvi on the Garmin web site? It will show if there are any firmware updates or map updates. I am sure the nuvi has an updated map available, it will be shipped with the map that was available when it was manuafactured.