Contributors of the week 2010-08-30


This week we are recognizing Dwaynes and Jpandcindy.

This dynamic duo took over the Chick-fil-A project and have showed great teamwork.

I love it when groups form to make an already great project greater.

Thanks so much for your help updating this project.

Miss POI

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Congratulation, COW's!!!

Thank you for your efforts and dedication to this site. Keep up the good work!

Congrats to both of you!

Way to go with the tag-team!

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Way to go Dwaynes and

Way to go Dwaynes and Jpandcindy.
Great job.

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This week we are recognizing Dwaynes and Jpandcindy.

Job well done!

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Congratulations to our newest COWs Dwaynes and Jpandcindy

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moo moo moo

3-moo salute!

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Good job Dwaynes and

Good job Dwaynes and Jpandcindy.

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Congrats to both of you and thank you for a job well done. smile smile

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Dwaynes and Jpandcindy thank you for you contribution.

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Congratulations to Dwaynes and Jpandcindy!

Congratulations to Dwaynes and Jpandcindy! Thank you!

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We appreciate it

Big thanks to Jpandcindy they did the work and I reviewed. It is great having a great user to work with. Cheers.

Dwayne, Nuvi 1690

Thank You Dwaynes and Jpandcindy

For all you time and hard work.

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Recognizing Dwaynes and Jpandcindy for there help & hard work to make this site the best it is.Thanks again to both of you. grin grin

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Dwaynes and Jpandcindy

Nice job, congratulations

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to both of you,thanks for your work, and dedication. wink

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Awesome Site!

This site is awesome. I'm so glad I found it.

Thanks to everyone who spends their free time here. I have already learned a lot and have just started scratching the surface.

Great Going

Way to go congrats to both.

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Congratulations to both of

Congratulations to both of you!

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Eat Mor Chikn

Congratulations, Dwaynes and Jpandcindy! Keep up the good work!


We appreciate all your efforts in making this site just a little better.


Congrats Dwaynes and Jpandcindy!

Your efforts are appreciated! smile