Giving used Gps


I want to give my Nuvi 1450 gps to my sister how do I change my info on the Garmin site to her info,so Garmin will recognize her instead of me.I want to purchase the Nulink 1695 any one read any good reviews of it all I can find is what Garmin is saying about it.Thank you,mdh31951

Change of Ownership

My suggestion is go to the Garmin website and go to the Contact Support page, where you can fill in a couple of bits of info and then state your question about switching your 1450 to your sister. I'm sure it's a manual thing on their part to prevent stolen GPS units from being accomodated easily. Perhaps they will give YOU a way as the original registered owner to go in and change the data to your sister.

You cannot switch it but you can delete it from your account

You cannot switch it but you can go to your My Garmin account and select products and select delete registration and delete that unit from your account. She could then go to her My Garmin account and add it.

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Garmin to sister

Thanks for the information and the reply

Giving GPS

I gave my 660 to my daughter all I did was to give her my password to go on garmin site and she can update anything because they think its me. I paid for the lifetime map updates..

Gave to Son

I gave my 740 to my son and I just keep everything on my account. Even so ofter I get it from him and update the unit for software and POI's from here.

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