Jellystone Park Campgrounds US & Canada


I found an error in the 'Jellystone Park Campgrounds US & Canada' CSV POI file. But I could not figure out how to contact the file owner. So, here it is...

When I tried loading the POI file onto my Garmin, the POI Loader indicated there was an error on Line 73 of the file. When I looked at the file, I found a blank space for the first line of the address (Column 4) in Line 72. Also, when I looked at the address at the Jellystone web site, I found that the address was wrong.

The correct address is...
85 Martinfeld Road
Greenfield Park
New York 12435
Phone:(800) 552-4724

When I entered the correct address, the file loaded OK.

Jellystone update

Sorry, I've been away for awhile. I'll try to fix the file soon. Thanks for the information.