new Sat Nav voice for TomTom


"Gordon's alive" - Brian Blessed's performance with extra gusto from cult film Flash Gordon could now change to "Gordon's arrived". That's thanks to a Facebook campaign calling for Brian Blessed to become the voice of Sat Nav. It's claimed a victory after over 25,000 people spurred the man himself into action, reports Carry-Ann Skinner at PC Advisor.

The actor, renowned for his performances in I, Claudius and Flash Gordon will now join the ranks of John Cleese, Homer Simpson and Snoop Dogg, all of whom have lent their voices to Sat Nav manufacturer Tom Tom.

"Richard Gardner from Manchester started the campaign to get the Yorkshire born actor and comedian to voice driving directions in April 2008. After attracting a handful of members, the campaign really started to gain momentum earlier this year, and subsequently has more than 25,000 supporters.."