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Some of the members may already know about this and use it.I just started trying it out.It is one of the best editing programs I have came up on for photos and so user friendly.The best part is the GEO-Tag feature that connects to Google Earth for tagging or adding photos.Really simple.Just select the pictures and line up on the Google Earth map and tag them.See . for download.

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Cameras tag photos with coordinates also Google Latitude

Yes, cool indeed. I've been using Picasa for a while now, and for some photos I tried to locate them as closely to where I took them by dragging them over the satellite view of the map. Now, my Garmin 295W automatically tags the photos it takes with the current GPS coordinates, so no need to tag later.

Also cool is the Google Maps "Latitude" feature. My smart phone periodically reports my position to Google (I elected to) so that family can see where I am when logged into Google on their PCs. My wife's phone has it enabled too, and once she tracked at herself on Google Maps on a laptop while sitting as a passenger in a car (3G wireless connected). She had the laugh of her life watching her mug-shot skipping along the interstate at a high speed.

That was one of the features

That was one of the features I liked about the 295.Have the 265 now but believe the 295 will be my next one.Came close to buying when I saw the special posted on the site.The wifi would come in handy also.

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295W is tiny

I still use the 1490T as my primary GPSr because of its large, clear screen. I would highly recommend it for automobile use. The small, portable 295W would have been useful to me a couple of months ago. My son and I were rushing to walk to a church in downtown Toronto from our hotel. Not being familiar with the area, we used the 1490T in pedestrian mode. If we had the 295W then, it would have been a bit more discreet on the sidewalk, and easier to pocket when we got to the church.

Walking back to the hotel, I took a bunch of snapshots with my regular camera. If I had the 295W, it would have tagged exactly where I took each picture, and it would be cool to upload them to Picasa and observe each photo thumbnail on the map.

WWMX Location Stamper

There is a program from Microsoft called WWMX Location Stamper that I use.
Sync your camera date & time to the GPS. I use a Garmin Etrex to capture track logs. Retrieve the track logs witm Mapsource.
Use the Location Stamper to match the tracks & photos' date & time, it will then write the longtitude/latitude onto the photo's
EXIF info. When you upload the photos to picasa or flickr, it reads the lon/lat info and place the photo at the location.

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Yet Another Tagger

Another tagging prog (also freeware) is Geosetter:
It allows other EXIF/IPTC info edits & has templates.

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Don't forget about Garmin's own Basecamp program for geotagging photos. It syncs the photos with your nuvi's trip log. I haven't used it yet myself, but other users have reported it works well.

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Looks like a lot of programs

Looks like a lot of programs out there to do this.

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