What Is The Longest Trip You Have Made With GPS Away From The Roadway?


I have done some ATVing recently and I am just curious what the longest trip other members here have made away from the roadway with a GPS? How helpful was the GPS? Did you stay on a trail or river? I have gone probably 100 miles or more on an ATV trail and having my Garmin Nuvifone G60 along was very helpful. I have able to save some Favorites so that I knew how far I was from fuel and food stops, etc.

In the east....

There isn't as much real estate. I have only hiked a couple miles from the beaten path hunting for abandoned iron mines up in Harriman State Park, NY. The GPS is there to track my progress, not even for direction.... Paper maps do far better, along with a compass. That may change after I get a few waypoints into the unit though....

Striving to make the NYC Metro area project the best.

off roading

GPS for a car is not what you want to take on off road trip. For those you need one of those
with topographic maps of area. Then it will be helpful. Street maps are practically useless off road.

ATV Riding

Longest ATV trip was 103 miles.

Two river fordings, plus numerous stream crossings.

All on trails. ATV gained 200 lbs of stuck on mud.

GPS route saved on Nuvi 500 provided correct turns to return to the trucks.

Odometer and GPS agreed to within 2 miles of distance traveled.

Don't leave home with out it.

Here in Southwest Idaho, cell phone coverage is just a dream. Nearest gas station is 200 miles away on dirt roads.

If you ain't got pictures, I wasn't there.