Spot it Out 2010 Road Safety Directory/Alerts


has anyone used of this? on sd card, tells you of road hazards. school zones, speed traps, etc. do you like it? if you remove the card does it stay on your unit?


DONT waste your time and money, it isn't worth it you can get better more up to date info here!!!!

Everyday is a GREAT day :)

What is it?

Amazon is selling a product by ABT Electronics called "Spot it Out Road Safety Directory, Red Light Camera Alerts and More for Garmin GPS Devices (2010 Version)" for $27.00.

The Spot It Out content is stored on a MicroSD card, and comes in a neat looking package. To get the information on your unit, you simply pop the MicroSD card in your GPS unit. Devices with a regular SD slot can use the included SD adapter. Once inserted, the unit will ask whether you want to install the new data. Once copied, you can remove the card and put it back in its protective case.

What this sounds like is a set of POI files - like golf courses, or restaurants, in addition to red light cameras