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Need a little help understanding traffic reports on my Nuvi 755t. 3 or 4 days ago I did a traffic search in my local area. It showed an accident occurring at a major highway intersection. Today I ran another search and it showed the same accident. Seems to me that in 3 days they would have cleared up the accident? How long does traffic data stay in report? And is ther ant way I cab clear it/


If you are getting the green traffic icon, it should update with the latest data. If it isn't, then the traffic provider is having issues.

As far as I know, there is no way to clear the cache.

Not with ClearChannel

Are you running Navteq or ClearChannel?

Nothing like this has ever happened to me with the ClearChannel lifetime subscription. In my opinion their content has been very good in my area.

dobs108 - nuvi 760 - New York City and Long Island

Yes, I am getting green

Yes, I am getting green traffic icon. I live in western MA and really aren't that many traffic reports here.