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New Mobile Speed Cameras for Washington, DC


Here's some more of 'em!


District adding mobile speed cams
D.C. police are adding new mobile speed cameras in Southeast and Northeast Washington, according to a recent police statement.

An "educational phase" began on July 12, and drivers have until Aug. 11 before citations are issued, the statement said.

New mobile radar locations
-- 3500 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE (North)
-- 3500 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE (South)
-- 1400 Alabama Ave. SE (East)
-- 1400 Alabama Ave. SE (West).
-- 5200 Southern Ave. SE (South)
-- 3100 North Capitol St. NE (North).
-- 295 at Exit 1 SW (South)
-- 4100 South Dakota Ave. NE (North).
-- Suitland Pkwy SE (.9m south of Stanton Road eastbound)
-- Suitland Pkwy SE (.2m south of Stanton Road westbound)

New work zone camera locations
-- I-295 at Eastern Avenue NE (North)
-- I-295 at Eastern Avenue NE (South)

According to current data from police, 354,000 drivers have received violation notices through May of this year. That's more than the 326,000 who received tickets in the same period in 2009. According to police records, the District has raised $24.8 million in speed-camera revenue in the current fiscal year, compared with $33.7 million in fiscal 2009 and $20.9 million in fiscal 2008.

Thank you!

I lived in VA and travel to DC few times a month.

Anyone interested in putting

Anyone interested in putting together a POI file on Speed Traps for the Washington, D.C. area?


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