Dibella's Old Fashioned Subs

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Last updated 09/26/2019

Raw file: Dibella's Old Fashioned Subs.csv (4.98 KB)

Includes 47 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: CT, IN, MI, NY, OH, PA
  • some may be in: KY, ON (near a border)

The Dibella's Old Fashioned Subs file was over 3 years old. These are the best subs ever. There rolls are baked in the stores every day. I welcome any and all comments and corrections.

DiBella’s began in 1918 as a corner grocery store located in Rochester, NY. The small family-run business operated successfully for many years, focusing on providing quality and value consistently. Gradually, DiBella’s evolved into an Italian import store and deli, specializing in serving its customers high quality cold cuts, cheeses and olives.

Eventually, DiBella’s moved away from imports and began to focus more closely on old-time baking techniques. Thus, the DiBella’s submarine sandwich we have become famous for was born.

Change History

  • pwohlrab - Sep 26, 2019
    Verified entries. No changes other than minor spelling.

  • pwohlrab - Jun 22, 2018
    Updated the file. Gained a few locations.

  • pwohlrab - Mar 23, 2013
    A couple locations opened and a couple will open soon.

  • pwohlrab - Oct 7, 2012
    Added 1 in OH and 3 in Indianapolis. (2 in Indy will open soon)

  • pwohlrab - Jul 11, 2012
    added wav file

  • pwohlrab - Apr 18, 2012
    Minor changes to note that 2 new stores are open.

  • pwohlrab - Jan 17, 2012
    Added 1 new location and 2 locations that are opening soon

  • pwohlrab - Jun 14, 2011
    Re-worked the file and added the newly opened stores.

  • bear007 - Apr 13, 2011
    Coordinates for Market Sq, Pittsburgh PA is now more accurate.

  • bear007 - Apr 10, 2011
    Sent in some better coordinates for a couple locations in Pittsburgh. Also some minor spelling. Thanks

  • pwohlrab - Mar 15, 2011
    Added 4 locations that are coming soon.

  • pwohlrab - Mar 7, 2011
    Updated 2 locations that are now open. Albany NY and Market Sq in Pittsburg Pa

  • pwohlrab - Jan 28, 2011
    Added 2 locations that are coming. 1 in Albany NY and 1 in Pittsburg PA

  • pwohlrab - Sep 13, 2010
    09-13-2010 Mentor, OH opens 9/15/2010

  • pwohlrab - Jul 18, 2010
    07-18-2010 Cleaned up the file so it is more easily read on the GPS. Also made minor changes to some spelling and cooridinates