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Road Trip - Kingsport, TN to Dover, DE


Just got back from this trip. I purchased the Nuvi 1450 so I could enter a Rout that allowed me to bypass the traffic around Washington, DC and Baltimore. I had to pick up my daughter in Front Royal, VA so that was the starting point for my Routing around Metro DC and Baltimore. From Front Royal, I set up a route to Berryville, VA, Frederick, MD and then to Annapolis, MD. In my planning stage, I made up waypoints that I thought would calculate the route. However, I let my daughter drive that leg of the trip, as she was more acquainted with that area than I. I found that I miscalculated the turn off point from I-70. She turned off I-70 at Route 32 towards Annapolis. So, I used the Where Am I feature to set up a waypoint. Later, we went onto I-97. I initially thought we would be on Rt 100. So, when we hit I-97, I used the Where Am I feature again to set a waypoint. From that point, we hit US-50 and US-301 at Annapolis and then a short run to the Bay Bridge. This routing missed the metro DC and Baltimore area's. On the return trip, we used the route I had set up and it worked great, except that the point I had set the waypoint on Frederick, MD wanted me to tuen around and head back to the waypoint. I had placed that waypoint on the ramp from US 340 to I-70. So, I used the great program Extra POI Editor to fine tune that waypoint to get it off of the ramp. Also touched up the waypoints on Rt 32 and I-97. The route worked great (except for the heavy rain I encountered on the return trip)

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