help i need the original files for my garmin nuvi 255w


i have a garmin nuvi 255w and my friend updated it for me, but he took the files from his garmin nuvi 1300 and put it on mine, now the text to speech voices dont work. how do i get all the original files back?

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I suspect

I suspect you mean your friend put the VOICE files from the 1300 on your 255W. If so just attach the 255 to your PC and find the Voices folder on the Nuvi's internal storage drive. Then delete all the voices in that folder.

Now run Garmin's Webupdater program and you will find a list of available voices for the 255. Check the ones you want and they will download and install to your unit.

The voice files from the 1300 will not work on the 255 as your GPS uses a different voice file format than the newer device.

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Backup files.

You should make a backup of your files once you get everything stright.Make sure to set computer to show hidden files when you do back up.

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There are two RealSpeak TTS speech engines used in nuvi units with the lower end units having reduced TTS audio quality. The two speech engines are not compatible with one another.

RealSpeak Solo (high-end Garmin units such as 7x0/7x5)

RealSpeak Mobile (low-end Garmin units such as 2x0/2x5)

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i found the original voices,

i found the original voices, but i cant find the original files for the "text" folder... he replaces everything...


ari00023 wrote:

i found the original voices, but i cant find the original files for the "text" folder... he replaces everything...

As t92.... suggested, running Webupdater with your nuvi attached should allow these files to be downloaded and restored to your GPS. Give that a try first.


When run, Webupdater first checks for updates to its software, then for firmware updates for your nuvi, and finally for miscellaneous files including voices and text. Good luck.

Once everything's working again, here are two free tips: 1) avoid letting your friend help update your nuvi in the future wink ; and 2) make a backup to your computer hard drive of your entire nuvi so that in the future you can reload your map, voices, etc. to your nuvi if an important file becomes corrupted, is deleted or whatever.


ari00023 wrote:

i found the original voices, but i cant find the original files for the "text" folder... he replaces everything...

If webupdater doesn't work .Hook gps up to computer and go to My Garmin Page and sign in.Click on My Dashboard .You may get prompt to install plugin .After the plugin installation is completed you will get a scan for your gps and prompt to install software.This will reinstall everything back.If you have deleted ny voices help files etc it will put them back.

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the web updater worked. thanks everyone ^_^

Did you make a backup?????

ari00023 wrote:

the web updater worked. thanks everyone ^_^

If you haven't, do this


Verify that Windows Explorer displays file extensions and hidden files. In any Windows Explorer window, click on (in the Menu bar) TOOLS > FOLDER OPTIONS. In the Folder Options dialog box that opens, click on the VIEW tab. In the Advanced Settings section, click on the radio button “Show hidden files and folders”. Make sure that the box beside “Hide extensions for known file types” is not checked. Click OK to exit.
Attach your GPS to your computer with a USB cable. Your PC will show a dialog box for the device. Note the drive letter your PC assigned the device- shown in the upper left corner of the dialog box. One of the options will be to “Open folder to view files”. Take that option.
Create a new folder on your PC. You could call it something like C:\Garmin Backup 20100605. To create a new folder in your C:\ drive, right click on a blank space in the right pane of Windows Explorer; select NEW > FOLDER and then enter the name of the folder.
Go to the “Garmin …” drive (let's say it is drive G:\.) Select Drive G:\ in the left pane. Then, click in the right pane of Explorer and do a CNTL-A to select everything. Still in the right pane with everything highlighted, do a CNTL-C to copy everything.
Navigate back to the folder C:\Garmin Backup 20100605. Click in the right pane and CNTL-V to paste everything.

Now, whatever might happen later during help from friends, new map updates, etc, you have a backup.